Welcome to TanagerMedia.com

Tanager is a small design studio based in River Falls, Wisconsin, although our clients now span the globe.  We have recently transitioned from small business web design to now designing exclusively for entertainment professionals.  We work with actors, musicians, models, and others around the globe (especially Hollywood, Vancouver, London) who are trying to establish and improve their personal brands.  We specialize in creating simple websites with clean and responsive design that are easy to maintain over time. But what really sets Tanager Media apart from other design studios is our commitment to education: we want you to learn about web design so you can become capable of maintaining and updating your own site (instead of paying someone over and over to do so for you).

You’re probably here because you want a website.  That’s awesome, we want you to have a site too, even if we don’t end up designing it for you.  You’re also probably low on cash.  While our custom sites are not cheap (see pricing here), they are worth it if you are interested in taking your career to the next level.  However, we’re committed to helping EVERYONE build a high quality website, even those who can’t currently afford to hire a pro.  If that describes you go ahead and contact us and we can discuss all your options.