About Tanager Media

Tanager Media is a small design firm that specializes in creating websites for up-and-coming celebrities (actors, musicians, athletes), and film studios, as well as small businesses. We design simple yet elegant sites that are responsive (look good on any device) and are consistent with current industry trends.  Best of all, we work with (e.g. teach) our clients so that they can revise and maintain their own sites, so they will never look out-of-date.

What makes Tanager unique?

Client Collaboration

You know your business and we know design so building your site has to be a collaborative effort. We listen closely to you and your ideas for the site, understanding that you know your business and brand better than anyone else.  But we also have ideas of our own and we’ll work closely with you to ensure your site is exactly what you want and need, even when you’re not sure what you exactly want and need.

Elegant, Simple, & Responsive Design

Our sites are clean, elegant, and look good on any device.  We keep current with the latest web fads and trends.  While we don’t necessarily buy into design fads (like parallax scrolling, flat design) unless the customer specifically requests it, we do everything we can to ensure your site keeps up with (or ahead of) the times.

Client Education

But what really sets us apart is our commitment to educating our customers so that they can be involved in the design process and maintain their own sites. To that end we use the most popular content management system–Wordpress–in order to make it easy for customers to edit their own pages, create new content, and even change the overall look and feel of their site.