Note: This article is a work-in-progress.  Check back soon to see completed article.

What is the WHOLE process for putting a website online?  This is one of the most common questions we get, and for good reason. There are many different things that have to happen for a website to go online.

1. The idea. This is your responsibility–there can be no website if you don’t know what you want to say/show the world.

2. Domain name. The domain name is the URL that customers type in to get to your site (e.g. You have to first decide what you want your name to be, then you have to see if that name is available. You can check by going here. Once you’ve found the perfect URL you have to purchase it. Cost is typically around $10/year but discounts can certainly be found.

3. Website host. In addition to paying for a domain name you will also need to pay for a web host, which is the place online where all your web pages, images, videos, etc. will be stored. You can find a host on your own–going to a discount hosting site like GoDaddy or BlueHost. An “economy” hosting plan that will accommodate a single website with unlimited bandwidth and up to 100 GB storage will probably cost anywhere from $40-100/year. For unlimited storage and multiple (or unlimited websites) will probably cost at least double that. For that reason website designers can often offer you a better deal for web hosting than you could get on your own (because they already own multiple sites and can host your site with all the others). The designers will probably meet you somewhere in the middle, charging a “set-up” fee of anywhere from $100-250 that will take care of your domain name and hosting for the first year or two.

4. Designing the site.

5. Add-ons. Typically a designer will quote you price for a “bare bones” site. If you want custom templates, an online store, video streaming, etc. it will likely cost you extra.